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Waterproof Connectors For Optical Fiber Protection
Aug 23, 2018

Fiber optic connectors (Opticalfibersplice) for the permanent or separated separation of two optical fibres, consisting primarily of the insertion and receiving parts.

With the development of information network, optical fiber has already started to access ordinary people's homes, and fiber optic connectors is an indispensable part of network connection. At present, optical fiber connectors are not limited to the end of the optical fiber, two of optical fiber in the outdoor site connection, the need to use a waterproof function of the fiber connector; The sealing property of waterproof joint is one of the important indexes to measure its performance. However, the existing waterproof connectors for optical fiber protection are to solve the waterproof problem by setting up a gasket or sealing ring between the contact end surface of the insertion part and the receiving part, this single waterproof sealing method has a great effect on the external environment, and it is difficult for the long-term effective sealing of the fiber connector, Therefore, it is difficult to ensure the long-term stable transmission of network information.