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Metal Cable Gland Quality Specification
Aug 23, 2018

First of all, before assembling the joint, the quality of the joint core tube, the coat and the connecting seal must be inspected strictly. Inspection of the project in addition to the size, tolerance and processing accuracy, need to meet the requirements of the joint drawings, but also pay attention to check the interchangeability of the joints and the use of rubber hose is matched. Including the external connection part of the thread application of the standard ring gauge, plug gage inspection through to ensure that the user side of the normal connection. At the same time, we should also focus on the core tube surface smoothness and sharp edges and corners of the roughness.

If it is found that the metal part of the joint has sharp corners or burrs, it must be carefully trimmed before it can be used, otherwise it will seriously affect the life and hose components of the use of performance and life. Secondly, because of the metal joint metal parts used in the steel itself has a certain defect, such as severe rust, internal cracks and so on, these are not easy to detect with the naked eye, and sometimes even in the Joint Assembly and withholding process or in the hydraulic test will occur radial fracture or axial rift.

When the above mentioned problems, the same batch of joint metal parts should be strictly tested, at the same time, the proportion of hydraulic inspection of hose Assembly also needs to be appropriate to increase, to avoid the quality of hidden dangers of the hose fittings for users to use.