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Cable Connector Protection Device
Aug 23, 2018

There is a kind of cable joint protection device in the field of power equipment, the upper shell and the lower shell are arranged, and the upper shell and the lower shell are combined to form a joint cavity, and the cable enters between the cavity and the joint cavity through a conical shape transition cavity, and the lower end of the joint cavity is extended downward with a base cavity, There are four supporting feet on the bottom surface of the shell of the base cavity; the upper end of the joint cavity is provided with a feeder connecting cavity, and two feeder lines are arranged on the housing of the feeder connecting cavity, and the feeder pipe is located on both sides of the axial direction; the top of the shell of the feeder connecting cavity is provided with an asphalt injection tube. The cable joint protection device obtained by the invention can realize the connection between the main cable and the cable by the reasonable structure design, and it also has the connection of the independent space supply supporting cables, which are connected firmly, and there is no interference between them, and the stability is higher.