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Introduction to Cable Accessories
Aug 23, 2018

Connection mode

Cable attachment is generally divided into Terminal connection and intermediate connection, terminal connection is divided into indoor terminals and outdoor terminals, the general situation of outdoor terminals refers to the open air cable connectors, indoor terminals refers to the interior of the cable and electrical equipment connectors, the middle of the connection is divided into straight-through and insulating type two.

Ancillary equipment

This set of quality assurance procedures should include at least the following: (1) factory, should be strict on key components (such as rubber stress cone, GIS epoxy resin casing, impregnating agent, intermediate joints of prefabricated parts, etc.) for the factory test.

(a) Careful examination of the reliability of the test and measurement equipment, the validity of the test method, the training of the tester and the completeness of the Test record;

(2) Whether the installation and construction personnel dispatched by the manufacturer are strictly trained and have sufficient construction experience;

(3) The coordination between different parts of the factory is good; (4) Previous sales and running records.