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Installation Considerations for Cable Connector
Aug 23, 2018

1, the conductor connecting conductor connection requires low resistance and sufficient mechanical strength, the junction can not appear sharp corners.

Medium and low voltage cable conductor connection is commonly used for crimping, pressure to note:

(1) To select the appropriate conductivity and mechanical strength of the conductor connecting pipe;

(2) The 0.8~1.4mm between the inner diameter of the pressure tube and the outer diameter of the connected core;

(3) The joint resistance value should not be greater than 1.2 times times of the equal section conductor, the tensile strength of the copper conductor joint is not less than 60n/mm2;

(4) Before pressing, the outer surface of the conductor and the surface of the connecting tube are coated with conductive adhesive, and the steel wire brush destroys the oxide film;

(5) The connection tube, the line core conductor's sharp angle, the burr and so on, uses the file or the sandpaper to grind smooth.

2, inside the semiconductor shielding treatment.

Where the cable body has an inner shielding layer, when making the joint, it is necessary to restore the inner shielding layer of the conductor part of the pressure pipe, and the inner semiconductor shielding of the cable should be set aside, so that the inner shield of the connecting head can be communicated to each other to ensure the continuity of the inner semiconductor, so that the field strength of the joint nozzle is

3, the external semiconductor shielding treatment. The outer semiconductor shielding is a kind of semi conductive material with the same electric field acting on the cable and cable connector, which plays a very important role in the cable and the joint. The outer semiconductor port must be neatly and evenly spaced and smooth with the insulation, and the cable connector will be added around the semiconductor band and the cable body outside the semiconductor shielding lap pass.