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Fault analysis of cable joint
Aug 23, 2018

Part of the cable connector failure is due to excessive wear and tear, or due to improper operation of the joint device caused damage.

In the case of failure or short circuit phenomenon, the relevant staff need to the cable connector surface and the inside of the fault analysis, and then find the appropriate way to enable the cable connector to work properly.

First of all, it is necessary to analyze the surface of the joint, and then find the appropriate way to deal with it, so that the joint part of the fault will not affect the use of internal cables.

Secondly, it is necessary to analyze the faults in the cable joint, and after the problem is eliminated, the analysis of the inner faults can help us to make a better solution to solve the problems. Although different joint products have been widely used at this stage, many users do not know how it works. Therefore, when the cable connector failure, many business users are often overwhelmed. Operators need to understand the working principle of cable joints and basic characteristics, performance advantages, can be in such a part of the fault or short circuit phenomenon, the first time for its fault analysis, so that the solution to the problem of the solution.