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Factors affecting the cable accessories
Aug 23, 2018

Cable Accessories quality factors are diverse, in principle, the following several aspects:

Electrical properties Electrical performance is the first principle to judge the quality of cable accessories. It mainly considers whether the electric field distribution of cable accessories is reasonable, the measures to improve the distribution of electric field are proper, the electrical strength of the material, the dielectric loss and the insulation margin of the product. At the same time, we must consider the stability of electrical properties, including the cable accessories material chemical, physical properties and structural stability, such as the stress control material performance is stable, stress cone is easy to deformation, cable insulation back shrink to cable accessories of the influence of electric field distribution and prevention measures, the compatibility of various materials, Combined with the stability of interface performance.

In addition, the thermal properties of cable accessories should be considered, such as dielectric loss, contact resistance of conductor connection and its stability, conduction and release of heat, influence of thermal expansion and contraction on electrical and mechanical properties of each component.

Sealing performance Seal Moistureproof Performance directly affects the electrical performance and service life of cable accessories. The terminal sealing structure is reliable and stable.

In general, the middle connector should also have a matching metal-proof housing, especially directly buried or used in humid environment.

Mechanical properties The terminal should have enough bending and shockproof ability.

The middle joint should be able to withstand a certain tensile force and prevent external damage measures.